To be able to treat patients with type 1 diabetes, Semma is pursuing two paths to the clinic. First, using conventional immunosuppression, SC-islets will be delivered directly into the liver to reproduce the procedure developed for cadaveric islet transplant, but with a much higher quality and scalable cell source. This product is aimed at patients for whom the benefits of such a treatment outweigh the risks of chronic immunosuppression.

A second therapy is being developed to supply the SC-islets in a manner that will not need immunosupression. This product includes a housing for the SC-islets that serves as an immune barrier eliminating the requirement for systemic immunosuppression. This small, protective device integrates within the patient’s body to support the health of the SC-islets contained inside. The unique design of the device helps the SC-islets to survive in the device and maintain rapid response to blood glucose levels and has been proven in both small and large animal models.

Semma is not yet recruiting for either clinical trial. When we do, we will post that information on