Values and Behaviors

Semma is a unique environment, where Courage, Generosity, Harmony and Imagination guide our work and success.


Determination depicts our ability to face challenges with confidence. It’s a quality that allows us to keep trying new things, even if they may not work, and keep persevering.

Optimism - We believe that together we will revolutionize treatments for Type 1 Diabetes

Determination - We take responsibility for our work and its potential impact on others

Resilience - We don’t let disappointment, change, or frustration get in the way of progress


Generosity describes our belief in kindness and supporting others to succeed. We dedicate our time and energy in the hopes of helping others.

Kindness - We take pride and pleasure in helping others

Willingness - We work as hard for our colleagues as we do for ourselves

Empathy - We recognize and respect each other’s perspectives



Harmony refers to not only our work environment but our inclusive, respectful relationships. We work together as a seamless, efficient whole.

Collaboration - We create better outcomes by involving the right people at the right time

Communication - We share ideas and keep people informed when we need to

Inclusivity - We value difference and welcome new colleagues as openly as new ideas


Imagination means we think differently. It’s our ability to be creative and innovative while still being scientific.

Ambition - We strive for more to push the boundaries of medical technology

Creativity - We develop innovative solutions to complex problems together

Agility - We adapt to new ways of working because we see the bigger picture